We see people.

People are the ubiquitous part of business innovation and social change but too often are left out of the equation. Peopledesign helps companies focus and align business value, brand perception, and service experiences through human-centered design.

The Built Environment

Innovation for Built Environment Companies
We help companies in the commercial design industry innovate to help their clients shape built environments.

Higher Ed

Innovation for Higher Education
We help colleges and universities find ways to innovate and connect with educators, students, administration, and alumni.
Herman Miller

Case study

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Creative Direction

Design Leadership

“I have worked with a number of creative agencies and can say with confidence that Peopledesign is one of the very best I have encountered.”

Matthew Darin
Global Brand Management

“Their ability to study our organization and understand us, perhaps even better than we understood ourselves, shined through in the finished product.”

Roland Ochoa
Critical Case Unit Director
Kelley | Uustal

“Peopledesign is extremely strategic, creative, and organized. Unfortunately, you don’t often see agencies excel in all three of these areas.”

Tracy Harrison
Program Leader

User Insights

Peopledesign - User Research

Value propositions start with what people value. Understanding people – customers, subscribers, influencers, stakeholders, employees – is critical for value creation today. User Research leads to better value propositions, brands, and experiences.

Brand Audits

Peopledesign - Brand Audits

An outside perspective helps teams get started. Strategic Design Audits help you move forward by reviewing current offerings, programs, and experiences. We create an actionable report to increase stakeholder alignment, build momentum, and define a path with clear next steps.

Strategy Workshops

Peopledesign - Strategy Workshop

Working directly with your team, stakeholders, and decision-makers, we facilitate Strategy Workshops to collect, evolve, and share information. Peopledesign workshops are tailored to your needs but based on experience, proven approaches, and common scenarios.

Focus Reports

Peopledesign - Focus Reports

Leverage user insights to address market challenges. Through a Focus Report, we explore and clarify internal objectives, external audience needs, market/category dynamics, and macro trends for clear decision making and growth opportunities.

Strategic Initiatives

Peopledesign - Strategic Initiatives

Good design can help organizations find customers and talent. Great design helps people make better choices. We help companies focus and align business value, brand perception, and service experiences through strategic design.

“Through their holistic process, we were able to reset our strategy.  This reset created an expansion into new product categories, new market segments and new integration of tools to simplify the customer experience. ESI reported a 40% growth rate following the first major adoption of strategies.”

Mark Rhoades
ESI (Fellowes Contract)

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