Kevin Budelmann likes to think about how design theory and practice can help business and society.

Yang Kim is our top visual translator, always able to find fresh, startling ways of seeing and showing.

Brian Hauch is the eye of the hurricane, the quiet wit in the room, the bringer of insightful thinking to the office.

Scott Krieger stays at the front of our technology evolution, pushing us and easing our clients along to ever more elegant, agile expressions of information.

Jake Himmelspach thinks that building a brand platform isn't always a picnic, but that's OK. He hates picnics. He'd take a market research project over an ant-covered sandwich any day.

Gina Caratelli has that special kind of smarts, translating your message into effective visual, symbolic language.

Emily Cowdrey is living proof that little girls who dream of one day having their own Christmas tree farm can grow up to be kick-ass designers... who still dream of having their own Christmas tree farm.

Ross Labardee is passionate about code, coffee, and above all else the user experience.

Heather Jensen is flexible and precise, circumspect and mindful, loose and structured, and really, very funny.

Diana Sherman manages our office and greets our clients, and tries very hard to keep tabs on where to find all of us at any given hour.

Interested in joining our team? We're always on the lookout for top talent.