Positioning Guilford of Maine as market leader

At NeoCon 2011, Guilford of Maine launched their new brand identity “The New Black,” which speaks to the very real need for simplicity, efficiency, and performance in the Office, Education, and Healthcare markets. Since then the company has been focused on making life easier for customers, while giving them the freedom to explore a wider range of design possibilities.

A growing concern with noise in Office, Education, and Healthcare environments has demonstrated the increased need for effective, high-performing acoustic fabrics. Guilford of Maine supports the specification process between technical acousticians and A&D by providing technical data to support their collection of 30-plus acoustic textiles.

The Guilford of Maine 2012 NeoCon showroom [Booth 1033A] will be a full sensory experience. It aims to educate attendees on the importance of acoustic performance so they walk away knowing that when it comes to acoustic textiles, absorption is good and reflection is bad. The showroom displays will feature Guilford of Maine’s latest acoustic panel fabric patterns. Additional displays featuring panel and upholstery textiles specifically for the Education and Office markets as well as cubicle, panel, and upholstery textiles for Healthcare round out the showroom experience.

“Peopledesign has been a key influencer of positioning the Guilford of Maine brand. We want to educate specifiers on the critical attributes of a high performing acoustic fabric,” said Amy Robertson, director of marketing for True Textiles, Guilford of Maine’s parent company. “Our fabrics never impede or reflect sound before it can travel to the absorbing product, allowing the substrate behind to do its best work. We understand that the acoustic performance of a space really matters.”

Guilford of Maine works with independent acoustics labs to test their acoustic fabrics using Impedance Tube Testing as described in ISO Standards. This test provides a more accurate measure of a fabric’s sound reflection and provides a sensitive performance standard for fabric-to-fabric comparisons among manufacturers who use this test. This new test allows fabrics to be evaluated on their own merit, and gives designers and acousticians more meaningful data for making decisions.

Our work for Guilford of Maine’s NeoCon showroom is consistent with our approach to designing memorable experiences for our customers’ customer. By breaking typical showroom conventions, we hope to create a better experience for the architects and designers who attend the show, and help them make better decisions long after the show is over.

Author: Kevin Budelmann

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