HON Rebrand

Client: HNI Corporation

The HON Company is the second-largest office furniture manufacturer in North America.

Like most mature markets, contract furniture went through a period of contraction in the late 2000s. High-end players were forging plans to move down-market, while low-end providers were redefining "low" with a flood of cheap foreign imports. As the clear mid-market leader, The HON Company had been well positioned, but their executive team was beginning to feel stuck in the middle. Facing new competition from better-perceived providers, they needed help articulating the value they provide to their customers, channel partners, and internal members.

Over the course of several extensive interview sessions with key internal stakeholders (including the entire executive leadership team), our team recognized a disconnect between the company and its perception in the marketplace. They had a strong story to tell that their audiences could get behind, they just struggled trying to tell it. Often, it was left up to local dealers, many of whom created their own sales materials, with varying levels of success.

We unified the voice of the HON brand, distilling the company's value proposition down to four brand pillars that served as guideposts not only for marketing, but with implications that stretched into product development, sales, and human resources. An internal commitment to be "HON Ready" rallied members and energized senior leadership. As a strategic partner throughout this transformation, we provided practical tools and benchmarks to govern the company's identity program, as well as inspirational expressions of this new vision.


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