ArtPrize brand creation

ArtPrize is the largest cash art prize in the world and unique among large scale art competitions because the winners are decided by public vote. When the founders first proposed their idea in 2009, they did so in an experimental spirit. They were comfortable being unsure about how the connection they were creating among the event's three distinct audiences (a global audience of artists, a local audience of venues, and a regional community eager to embrace the spectacle) would play out.

With an outline of the idea and six months to execute, ArtPrize approached Peopledesign to create the ArtPrize brand identity from scratch.

The logo we created for ArtPrize strives to reach all three of the event's audiences. Calder’s La Grande Vitesse is a familiar symbol of Grand Rapids, a city that values public sculpture as an important part of its civic identity. Turned on its side and coupled with the letter form of a large A, the two create a symbolic equivalence. The abstract shape is a communicative form equivalent to the letter. To the Grand Rapids audience, this symbolizes not just the Calder, but the city turned on its side. A new perspective. To a global audience unfamiliar with La Grande Vitesse, the logo may represents a desire to transcend language. A code. A cipher. A key.

ArtPrize banners designed by Peopledesign

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