Amway Business Innovations

Leadership at Amway, a privately owned, multi-billion dollar direct selling giant, had set a lofty goal for growth: $20 billion by 2020. And they'd recognized that ongoing, systemic innovation was not only the path to get there, it had become necessity for the company's very survival. Building an internal multi-disciplinary team was Amway's first step. Just a few steps later, the Amway Business Innovations team reached out to Peopledesign.

If a company known regionally for its stability and conservative nature was going to successfully transform itself, they needed buy-in from people at all levels of the organization. Otherwise, "innovation" was going to become little more than just a buzzword.

Peopledesign was tasked with creating a series of internal communications designed to help pave the way for new thinking -- a “Culture of Innovation.” We mined unusual channels, creating new opportunities to reach employees in unexpected places not only to increase awareness, but also to challenge the status quo.

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